Mindful Adulting

Posted by Taylor
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I’m sitting here and I have the terrible urge to write.  I haven’t written anything since graduation, which was over a month ago.  For four years, writing was what I spent most of my time doing.  I’m having trouble writing …  Read more

19 Things I’ve Learned in My 19 Years as an Older Sibling

Posted by Taylor
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“A sibling may be the keeper of one’s identity, the only person with the keys to one’s unfettered, more fundamental self.” — Marian Sandmaier  That baby is coming home with your parents (that were previously all yours) whether you like …  Read more


Leaving Time Posted by Taylor

I’ve been meaning to write this post since my parents and boyfriend both left Spain which was about two weeks ago exactly, but I just didn’t have the motivation.  Writer’s block, I think they call it. However, I’m sitting here …  Read more


Travel Alone! Posted by Taylor

I know what people say.  Traveling by yourself is dangerous and scary and you probably just shouldn’t do it.  I cannot contradict that statement, but I went ahead and did just that anyway for my spring break.  Well for a …  Read more


I Fell Off a Bike in Lisboa Posted by Taylor

In my humble opinion, Lisbon is completely underrated.  When anyone who had been abroad before me found out that I was going to Europe, no one said, “Oh my gosh, you have to go to Lisbon!”  If you’re going abroad …  Read more


Bustling, Beautiful Barcelona Posted by Taylor

I returned from Barcelona late last night and so the weekly post had to be put off until today.  I’m not really sure what to say about Barcelona at this point.  It was beautiful, that cannot be denied, but it …  Read more


Hoy Voy a Ser Feliz Posted by Taylor

Today when I went for a run (haha who am I kidding, it was a powerwalk) along some trails near the castle and Jewish cemetery here in Segovia, I saw something that really sums up what I have learned about …  Read more


In a Galaxy (Country) Far, Far Away Posted by Taylor

So it’s not really another galaxy…but here I am, in Segovia, Spain…for a whole semester…without my friends or family.  I’m sitting here in my bedroom in my host (grand)mother’s apartment and thinking how crazy this all is.  It still hasn’t …  Read more


Majestic Moab Posted by Taylor

I was in Moab for five days.  I don’t think I want to leave the Southwest any time soon.  It is absolutely breathtaking out here.  I have no words.  I literally cannot convey the beauty in the things I have …  Read more


Life Is Good Posted by Taylor

This post involves a piece I wrote for my Creative Non-Fiction class.  I just tried to read the whole thing in class about an hour ago and couldn’t get through it because I got choked up.  Tears are pricking my …  Read more