Monthly Archives: January 2015


Bustling, Beautiful Barcelona Posted by Taylor

I returned from Barcelona late last night and so the weekly post had to be put off until today.  I’m not really sure what to say about Barcelona at this point.  It was beautiful, that cannot be denied, but it …  Read more


Hoy Voy a Ser Feliz Posted by Taylor

Today when I went for a run (haha who am I kidding, it was a powerwalk) along some trails near the castle and Jewish cemetery here in Segovia, I saw something that really sums up what I have learned about …  Read more


In a Galaxy (Country) Far, Far Away Posted by Taylor

So it’s not really another galaxy…but here I am, in Segovia, Spain…for a whole semester…without my friends or family.  I’m sitting here in my bedroom in my host (grand)mother’s apartment and thinking how crazy this all is.  It still hasn’t …  Read more